I Love My New Floor!

I love my new basement floor!   My painted basement floor was peeling and spalling (dusting) and all the companies I contacted said my job was too small.   I discovered them at a local home show and discussed the problem with him.   He said sure, he could definitely fix it.   This was  not an easy job.   The only outside entrance to the basement was a side door and all the equipment had to be carted in and out this way.   There were also a boiler, chimney, washing machine, dryer, etc. in the basement.  They planned the work so these appliances did not have to be removed.   They crew were very professional and took the time to make sure that my floor was prepared properly before the epoxy was applied. The painted floor had to be removed before the epoxy could go down. They made sure that the process was completed to the highest standards. As I said at the beginning of this testimonial…. I love my new floor!

Sharon ErdmanHillside, NJ