I Highly Recommend Monkey Bars

I’m not the type of person who normally writes in letters of either recommendation or referral on a product or work done but the quality of work recently completely on a project in my garage merits such effort and recognition.
I discovered ‘Monkey Bars’ at a recent Home Expo with my wife and decided that the clutter in our garage needed to be addressed and what Chris had to offer with Monkey Bars seemed to be a good solution so we made an appointment. Knowing I do not enjoy a hard sales pitch for things I do not need or extended work being done under foot I was not looking forward to the appointment. To my surprise and great satisfaction the entire project from estimate to completion was handled extremely professionally and expeditiously. Chris is a consummate professional who knows his trade and products and made the entire project not only enjoyable but rewarding. The work was done in a matter of hours, he accommodated every question and request and the price was very fair. The quality of materials are outstanding and while I still have far too many things in my garage (according to my wife) it looks much more organized and clean.
I highly recommend Monkey Bars and related products (I got the cabinets as well as bars and (shelves) to anyone who needs to organize their garage or any other room used for storage. It is a great product and Chris is wonderful to work with.

Tunc K.Morris County, NJ