Harmonizing Your Garage With Your Home


Options to Harmonize Your Garage and Home

The inside of our homes tend to get the most attention while the garage often gets the least amount of our time and efforts. But the garage can be as nice as any other part of the home. Often the garage is the center point when leaving or returning from life’s adventures. Harmonizing your garage sets the stage for the rest of your home.

Upgrading to a more organized garage starts with what items you store there.

Bikes, Tools & Equipment
Life’s adventures include toys; toys for little and big boys and the tools and equipment that go along with them. For things like bikes, sports equipment and tools we recommend the Monkey Bars Garage Wall Shelving System. Get everything off the floor, out of the way and easily accessible.

Totes & Long Term Storage

A storage unit has traditionally been the answer for boxes, totes and other spacious objects. Our solution and alternative to a storage unit is our wall shelving system or overhead ceiling storage. As long as your garage has at least 4 feet of clearance from the top of your car you can get all those boxes and seldom used items off the floor.

Cars & Lawn Mowers
When combined with wall shelving and overhead storage there should only be 2 things left over: your car and your lawn mower. Naturally these things must remain on the garage floor.  Oil spills and other outdoor elements tend to dirty and damage the floor. Getting an epoxy floor coating applied professionally can protect and seal your garage floor. With this in place cleaning the garage is an easy sweep, wipe or hose down away.

Small Items for Drawers & Shelves

Garage cabinets have a hard time storing all of life’s toys and equipment. However they still do a great job of handling the small stuff while hiding it from view. The small shelves and optional drawers add another dynamic to your garage.

Custom Advice
For more advice on how to harmonize your garage and home, give us a call or drop us an email. We offer free in home consultations and estimates on custom solutions that are right for your needs and budget.